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Trust Administration

Trust administration is the representation of a successor trustee in the administration of a trust of a deceased person. A successor trustee is a person named in a trust to administer the trust upon the death of the original trustee(s). Though the end goals of trust administration and probate are the same, the processes are very different—most importantly, trust administration does not involve court oversight and the details remains private. Trust administration processes vary depending on the type of trust being administered, the person who died (i.e., single settlor vs. co-trustee), and the language of the trust. The administration process may include determining what property is held in trust, notifying beneficiaries and heirs of the administration, obtaining property appraisals, identifying and paying the decedent's debts, and distributing trust property to beneficiaries, as well as other activities specific to certain types of trusts. The trustee also has a fiduciary duty to manage and distribute trust assets in the best interest of the estate. A violation of fiduciary duty can cause the trustee to become personally liable for losses to the estate. Our attorneys will work with trustees to administer trusts in a timely, cost-efficient, and proper manner. We recognize that trust administration occurs after the death of a loved one, and we are sensitive to our clients' loss. We want to take the burden of trust administration off your shoulders so that you can spend more time focusing on grieving and the other important things that must happen after a loved one passes away.

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